Over the last two weeks I’ve been posting these images. They’re all previews of potential My Cardboard life stories. I’ve put them all here so you can vote for whichever story you think looks the best (voting is closed now).

Here’s a list of the story titles (you can click on them to see the full sized images) I’ve added the number of votes each story got

Big Deal 22 votes

St Colin and the Dragon 72 votes

Cubz 55 votes

You’ve Got Moth 7 votes

Red Robin Hood 34

Unfriended 25

Granny vs Nanna 45 votes

Doctor Delicious 41 votes

Mademoiselle Carton 28 votes

Recyclost 35 votes

Vote by commenting. You’re welcome to vote for more than one story if you like. I will write and make the most popular story some time in the next few months!

***** UPDATE*****

Voting is now closed. I’ve counted everything up and I’ve written the results after the title names (see above). St Colin and the dragon is the winner with almost 20% of the votes!

I will start writing the St Colin and the Dragon storyline right away. Hopefully it will not be too long before you get to read it.

As for the other storylines… some of them may eventually get written as well. Thank you to everyone who commented and voted!