Recyclost is ready to go. It’s going to be another long story like St Colin and the Dragon and it starts on Monday! I have enjoyed writing it, and now that I’ve started actually making the pages I can tell you that (spoilers) it’s going to feature lots of little pieces of paper.

Other news…

The next comic show I’ll be exhibiting at is Manchester MCM on 21st July. Maybe I’ll see you there?

I was pretty excited when St Colin and the Dragon got reviewed on Boing Boing last week!

I’ve been doing artwork for GameCity, the videogames culture festival in Nottingham. If you’re into games it definitely worth a trip to Nottingham to come to that in October! Also, whether you come to the festival or not you can nominate your favourite game of the last year to be considered for the GameCity prize 2012.

That’s all my news right now! But also I want to say that I frequently get emails from people who want to ask questions about comics, or collage or My Cardboard Life or other things. Do keep emailing me – I enjoy it! But if you have a question that you think other people might also be interested in knowing the answer to… ask me on Tumblr.