A selection of outfits for Pauline! That’s not the news, it’s just some doodles from my sketchbook that I coloured in for fun. I thought I’d just put together a blog post with a round-up of some of this past months gossip, since it seems like there are a few items that you might be interested in. I’ll start with some links!

Claire Napier interviewed me for Women Write About Comics. It’s an in-depth interview with some very interesting questions!

Dan Berry interviewed me for his Make It Then Tell Everybody podcast. It was fun! The other podcasts in the series are good to listen to, especially if you’re interested in making comics.

I have a two page comic in the anthology Bimba. It’s not a My Cardboard Life comic, but I’m mentioning it anyway. I have my copy of Bimba now and it’s a very good read! (not family friendly though so don’t buy it as a present for a baby.)

Last week I went to Bath for Comic Book Slumber Party. Had a great time! Lizzy Stewart and I did a talk about self-publishing. I was a bit nervous but I thought to myself, okay just pretend to be totally laid-back and confident, and it sort of worked! Also it helped that I had done a talk for Dan Berry’s students at Glyndwr University the week before. Lizzy had loads of good self-publishing information and advice so the audience must have found it at least 50% useful! Hopefully there will be another CBSP next year because it was a really nice event. Thanks to Hannah Chapman for organising it!

Here’s a couple of recent fan-arts.

Colin and Pauline by Rebecca,  Shiny-Duck on DeviantArt. I love Colin’s expression!

Athletic Colin by Sean Maloney, TheOfficialMPA on DeviantArt. If you see me using lined paper as a background some time soon you’ll know I got the idea from this. It looks great.

***Update on We’re Out***

I’m still at the writing stage, but I’m hoping it will be ready to start reading here in April. I’ve even bought a new camera because I want it to look good. It’s a tricky story to plan because I’ve got to make it in a different way to any comic I’ve made before. This week I’m going to be taking some practice photos, but I’m not going to reveal any preview pictures. No spoilers!

Is there any other news? I can’t remember. Thank you for reading! (^•u•^)