I’m going to make a new diorama in time for Thought Bubble on the 17th November.

I’ve made a poll on the facebook page, you can vote in it here . If you’re not a ‘fan’ on facebook yet, here’s the link to the My Cardboard Life facebook page. If you don’t want to do any of that, you’re welcome to express your opinion right here. These are the diorama options to choose from:

1: bonfire night
2: band practice
3: making a cake
4: board game party
5: St Colin and the Dragon
6: Recyclost*

You might not get to see the finished diorama in person if you’re not coming to Thought Bubble, but I promise there will be lots of pictures!

*The Recyclost book will be available before Christmas, but it probably won’t be available at Thought Bubble.