Over the last two weeks I’ve been posting these pictures of potential new storylines. It’s time to decide which will actually be made! Voting is closed now

Here’s a list of the tiles with links to the larger sized pictures: I’ve added the number of votes each story got.

Treasure in the Arctic  65 votes

RoboBFF  18 votes

Paper Patisserie  52 votes

The Dimension of the Ghosts  46 votes

The Town Flyer  23 votes

Business Pauline and the Fortune Fax Machine  48 votes

Puppy School  66 votes

Weird Undersea 38 votes

Tantrum  8 votes

We’re Out  175 votes

Vote by commenting on this blog post. You’re allowed to choose more than one if you can’t decide. I’ll count up the votes after ten days, and start writing the winning story right away. I’m happy for any one of these to win so vote from the heart. Which one do you want to read? It’s up to you!  Voting is closed now.


We’re Out wins with 32% of the votes! Thanks for voting for the craziest one. I reckon I’m going to have a lot of fun putting it together! I’ll start writing it right away and later in the year it will become a real story which you can read.

Thank you so much for taking part. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some of the other stories at some point as well so if your favourite didn’t win you might still get to see it.