We’re already about 20% through 2012. It’s gone very quickly!

For the past month and a half I’ve been doing the St Colin and the Dragon storyline. This is going to be finished next Friday (23rd March). It’s been the longest story arc that I’ve ever done for My Cardboard Life. Writing a longer story is completely different to writing one-off joke comics every day let me tell you. I’ve really enjoyed it though and I hope you liked the story too. “Normal” comic updates will resume on Monday 26th and some time quite soon there will be a print version of St Colin and the Dragon for you to buy.


In the meantime, the shop has been re-stocked with copies of Dr Bandaid’s Hot Guide to Romance, so anyone who was waiting for those you can finally get them. Also I recently added some new risograph prints to the shop. Check them out!

More news for 2012…

In May I’ll be visiting Toronto for TCAF 2012. Come and see me there if you can! It’s on the 5th and 6th of May and entry is free.

I’m also at several other comics shows throughout the year around the UK. There’s an appearances section in the right hand column which lists them all. The next one is Comiket in London on the 21st April.

Soon I’m going to be reaching my 700th My Cardboard Life comic. Since 700 is one of my favourite numbers, I thought I’d do another guest comic party week like I did for the 300th comic. I will do a proper blog post about it nearer the time, but for now you can have a look at the previous guest comics which start here, and consider joining in with the next party.

I reckon that’s enough news for now. The next blog update will probably be about the St Colin and the Dragon book so watch out for that one!