Cooee! I see you’ve stumbled across our little tea-party. We’re having chocolate cake, millionaire’s shortbread, Swiss roll, custard tart and cookies. But only two cups of tea between six guests. Oh dear.

I’ve made this diorama to bring with me to UK Web and Mini Comix Thing on 27th March. I’ll add some more cups of tea before then. Also some more guests. Which additional My Cardboard Life characters will be invited to the tea-party? I don’t even know yet. You’ll have to come and visit me to find out. I’ll be at table 7 with some My Cardboard Life mini-comics and badges, and other items along those lines.

And you know what else… there’s a fun game called DINO-SAW-US which begins at UK Thing 2010. You can pick up a free passport, then visit the participating artists at the convention and collect stickers to go in your passport. Visit the DINO-SAW-US blog to find out who’s taking part.