This week I changed the update schedule from Mon/Wed/Fri to Mon-Fri. I’m going to do the same thing again next week, and hopefully might be able to stick to that schedule permanently.

I’m going to be in Leeds on the 21st November for Thought Bubble.  So if you’re going to that then I’ll see you there. I’ll have all the My Cardboard Life mini-comics with me (as well as some other comics/zines). I’m bringing some of the original strips along too so if you’ve ever wondered what Colin and Pauline look like “in the flesh” you’ll be able to find out.

You might have noticed that I’ve made a few small changes to the website. There’s now a ‘links’ section. There are links to various webcomics, divided into categories based on which My Cardboard Life character would read them.  I’ve also added more information to the ‘about’ section, with FAQ. The ‘shop’ section has had a bit of a change-around too, now featuring a few non-My Cardboard Life items along side the My Cardboard Life mini-comics, cards and prints.

Last piece of news…if you haven’t seen it yet, The Xcentrikz interviewed me last week, so if you want to read the interview here it is.