Do you know, I’ve been making My Cardboard Life comics for five years this month. Five whole years. And during that time I’ve always stuck to a regular update schedule of either three or five comics a week, and I never missed an update! I’ve made over 1000 collage comics.

I’m not going to quit on cardboard but it’s definitely time for me to take a break for a little while and make more time for new projects. I will make more My Cardboard Life strips but I’ll upload them as and when I make them rather than to a set schedule. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a new long storyline next year too and while that goes on I’ll go back to five comics a week.

I promise I’m not going to spend the extra time playing games and eating snacks. I’ll be working on new things (and eating snacks).  If you’re interested in the other things I do besides My Cardboard Life you can visit my portfolio website.

Also you can follow my Tumblr which I update pretty regularly.

If you have Twitter you can follow me on there to stay in touch (not that I’m going anywhere exactly).

Oh and if you have Facebook you can like the My Cardboard Life facebook page where I’ll post news and new comics when I do them.

Thanks so much for all the support for the last 5 years! Thank you for all the comments and nice emails and for buying my books. I would never have been able to make so many comics with out all this help and enthusiasm backing me up!