Do we like 2013 so far? It’s too early to tell! What’s coming up this year? Well, The Gold Room gallery  are having an exhibition of my work that opens on the 6th February, so if you live in Southsea or want to visit you can go and see some of my comics and drawings and crochet models in real life!

I’m going to keep the comics update schedule to three a week for the time being, but when I start the new storyline I’ll go back to five a week. Here are the results of the vote:

We’re Out – 175

Puppy School – 66

Treasure in the Arctic – 65

Paper Patisserie – 52

Business Pauline and the Fortune Fax Machine – 48

Dimension of the Ghosts – 46

Weird Undersea – 38

The Town Flyer – 23

RoboBFF – 18

Tantrum – 8

So We’re Out won by quite a long way! Which is good because it’s going to be different to anything I’ve done before. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out and start making it within the next few months. Then later in the year I might make one (or more?) of the runner up stories. Probably won’t be making Tantrum though!

What else is going to happen in 2013? We’ll find out soon I suppose. I’m sure I’ll be exhibiting at some comics shows in the year but not made a lot of plans yet so if there’s any that you think I should consider, let me know.