Recyclost finished last week, so if you want to read it as a full completed story you can start from the beginning here.

I’m putting together a book version now which should be available for pre-ordering some time in October. The original plan was for it to be in exactly the same format as St Colin and the Dragon, but when I actually wrote it, it was almost twice as long so I’m going to do something different. There will still be a bonus comic strip at the back though, I promise!

Additional news:

As well as Recyclost I’ve also been working on another comic called Looking Out, which is also a Science Fiction story but in every other way it’s totally different to Recyclost (it’s all actual drawings, no collage!) You can see some preview pages of it here on my portfolio site if you’re interested. It’s being published by Hic and Hoc in November.

The next comics show I’m going to be at Birmingham Zine Festival on 13th October. If you can get to Birmingham that weekend you should come along. It’s going to be really good!

I’m not going to be at SPX next weekend (I wish I was, but maybe next year?!) but if you are going, look out for my comics at the Hic and Hoc table.

That’s all the news (for now). There’s no comics this week because I’ve been catching up on other tasks but I’ll be returning to normal updates on 17th September.