You know what this is? It’s a virtual version of the poster and re-stickable stickers that I made for Solipsistic Pop 3 last year. You can drag those characters into the landscape if you like. It’s definitely more fun with the real stickers though so order Solipsistic Pop 3 here for the real thing. I made that quite a while ago now but I remembered it because the line-up and theme Solipsistic Pop 4 has been revealed.

Here’s another anthology related thing…

It’s a panel from the four page comic I’ve done for Paper Science 5 – The Music Special. You can see the first page in full here on Flickr. It’s a combination of drawing and collage. I recommend pre-ordering Paper Science 5 so you can read the whole thing.

I think I’ll probably have some more anthology related news and general gossip for you soon so watch out for it!