New diorama time! It’s a miniature comic convention. There’s a whole set of photos of it here on Flickr

This diorama is for Thought Bubble, which is happening on Saturday. I will be there, and so will lots of other people, including the creators of all the miniature comics that you can see in the diorama. (full list in the Flickr set).

Other news and gossip:

Solipsistic Pop is so hot right now. It’s a sassy UK comics anthology and I’ve got some work in it.

Another Sassy anthology, Paper Science 3 has got work by me in it. Not collage though, it’s a drawing. If you don’t believe I’m capable of drawing, watch this video of me drawing my Paper Science 3 contribution. See how quick I am with that pen!

Here’s one more thing: a guest comic that I did for Left-Handed Toons. I did actually use my scalpel left handed. It felt very dangerous!