A new diorama! More pictures here. It’s just a mini one because I’ve got to cram it in my suitcase and drag it from London to San Francisco for APE.

APE is really soon now, it’s this weekend! I’ll be on the TNP Press tables (258-259) with Ali Showkati, Rembrand le Compte, Ryan Hudson and Joenis Norac. I have some new mini-comics to bring with me (which I will take photos of and post here soon). If you’re going to be at APE, do come and meet me!

Here are some other things that I must tell you about…

Some comics that I’ve made are going to be in an exhibition at London Print Studio as part of Comica Festival. It’s called That’s Novel, and here are the details.

If you didn’t see my Bad Machinery guest strip last week then go and see that. John Allison’s characters are the best and I had a lot of fun collage-ifying them.

Additionally… the 400th My Cardboard Life comic is going to appear this week. I’m saving the big party for the 500th comic, but to celebrate 400 I’ll enjoy a glass of apple juice, then stand in front of a mirror and deliver a thumbs up to myself. Feel free to do the same!