Thought you might like to see this one. It’s Colin and Pauline as cats! I did it for a commission. If you want to commission something, send me an email (philippa at philippajrice dot com). I think my collage skills have improved over the last year. I reckon I could cut out ANYTHING now (as long as it’s not… indecent!)

Oh here’s the other thing I wanted to show you…

I made these badges over a month ago now and I’ve only just put them on the site. Sorry for the delay! If you’d like a set of these… visit the shop.

Further news…

I did a fan-collage of Marc Ellerby’s Chloe Noonan. You can see it here. And if you haven’t already read Marc’s Chloe Noonan comics, let me tell you, they are really really good!

A lovely review of My Cardboard Life over at the Forbidden Planet International blog.

The Pink Ninjas from Martin Eden’s highly enjoyable Spandex comics, rendered by me in various different types of paper. Have a look if you like.