The Polar Bear with glasses on? Oh Yes! This is by Jennifer Barrett, who makes one of my fave comics Werebears and Only Children.

Here’s a strange and marvelous guest strip by Kyatt, whose webcomic Beeserker is about a robot powered by bees. BEES indeed!

A cardboard inspired comic made by MC and Jen Miller from ButterSword.

This guest comic is by the excellent Matt Sandbrook. I think Business Pauline makes a great Sir Alan Sugar (or Donald Trump if you prefer).

And now for the last guest comic of the guest comic party. Its a splendid romantic love triangle dream sequence by Vicki Liu!

So there we are. It was fun wasn’t it? I’ve been totally bowled over by the phenomenal response. So many brilliant contributions I can hardly believe it. Also tons of very kind emails and comments. Thank you so much everyone. I think I’ll have to do another 200 comics now so that I can have a 500th comic party!