I love this guest strip from Alex Vigil. Look at Uncle Steve! haha.

This guest comic from D.J Trousdale has baffled my brain slightly with it’s curious “Three Dimensions”. It puts me in mind of one of my favourite books, Flatland.

Scott Waldron did this one for me in collaboration with a friend. I think they had fun making it!

And now let me tell you a sullen story about an annoying time. When I was making the 300th My Cardboard Life comic, I thought it would be fun to do a time lapse video of it, since it was a special one and all. Well, it stopped filming before I finished making the comic. Irksome to say the least! Anyway, here’s some pictures from what could have been an informative and enjoyable video. And if you want to see the actual half-finished video, in all its disappointing glory. Here it is.

I’ve still got lots more amazing comic submissions to show you. The guest party continues tomorrow and for at least half of next week. If you want to take part, it’s not too late.