It’s Free Comic Book day tomorrow! And look at this, a new edition of Paper Science which you can get your free copy of at Orbital Comics in London.

Paper Science is a comic anthology newspaper by We Are Words + Pictures. This is the second edition and I’ve contributed to it, also I did the front cover! Here’s the line-up of amazing people who are also featured:

Francesca Cassavetti, Joe Decie, Octavia Raitt, Becky Barnicoat, Daniel Locke, Anne Holiday, Matthew Sheret, Tom Humberstone, Luke Pearson, Adam Cadwell, Geof Banyard, Mark Oliver, Liz Lunney, Douglas Noble, Kristyna Baczynski, Anna Saunders, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Sean Azzopardi, Edward Ross and Marc Ellerby.

So, come to Orbital Comics tomorrow to get a free copy. Also take part in the ‘drop in and draw’ which is going on throughout the day. I’ll be there!

Hey, and if you’re not in London, no worries. We Are Words + Pictures are offering a PDF version of Paper Science on their website.

Additional news:

London MCM Expo is about a month away and you know what’s back in action? The sticker collecting challenge Dino-Saw-Us, that’s what. If you’re going to be there, you must take part. It is so fun.

Also I’m working on a new diorama. There will be pictures of it some time soon.